Iceland is fucking cool. There is so much cool design stuff to see. Like everywhere. We completely succumbed to peer pressure on this trip though. With only a few days to spend. We prioritised a lot of natural/geological stuff that everyone told us was ‘must see’. Yeah, the golden circle, blue lagoon and geysers were great but we have so many regrets. This is the trip we wish we took...

(We also wish we’d rented a car to get about and access some of these places + did our own northern lights chasing using the aurora forecasting app)

Oddsson Hotel + Hostel, Reykjavik

Where we wish we'd stayed. Set across the fourth & fifth floor of a former warehouse in downtown Reykjavik. The concept is a playful mix of high and low culture summarised by their fine dining experience with central Karaoke bar and hotel/hostel vibes. A place for ”poor people with expensive taste” says Daniel Atlason studio co-director.

Rooms keep to an industrial colour palette with plenty of icelandic blue. And if you lose your case make use of their Lost Luggage Programme and grab some new garms for your hols.

By Dodlur ? Dodlur

Suit, Reykjavik

Where even is this place? We looked EVERYWHERE and couldn’t find it. We massively lucked out on one of our all-time Dezeen faves. An offbeat mix of OSB and crisp white tiles punctuated with neon & hot orange represents the brands rough and raw aesthetic with super cool detailing we wanted to steal for our studio scrapbook – those pixelated tiles though! Hit the link above to check out more snaps of this store.

By Haf Studio ? Gunnar Sverrisson

Nam, Reykjavik

We actually did eat here. It was SO good. With all the Asian eats from bento to banh mi. Vibrant food in a vibrant setting. Located at the back of a shop/travel agent on Laugavegi.

By Haf Studio ? Gunnar Sverrisson

Tvisongur, Seydisfjordur

An interactive sculpture by sound sculptor Lukas Kuhne dedicated to 5 tone Icelandic harmony. This site specific install consists of 5 concrete domes all in different sizes that resonate to each of the different tones. Whether that’s the wind or an impromptu jam session. We spotted this on insta and wish we'd done it for the gram.

By Lukas Kühne ? @lalpinoX

Samuel Jonsson Art Farm, Selardalur

What we wish we’d seen. In a super isolated location 6 hrs north of Reykjavik, this is super inspirational story of an artist that never gave up on their dreams. Considered as naïve or folk art these concrete sculptures were hand mixed and cast with sand from a nearby beach all by an artist receiving their pension. The story is is that his work got turned down by a local church so he began collating his work at his home in Selardur. There are really great write ups on this HERE and HERE.

By Samúel Jónsson ? *Maya* on Flickr

We also really wish we’d caught this