Community library

A newly formed arts led regeneration group had taken over the running of a local library. With a long list of wants and a super small budget (but with the possibility of securing funding for a full scale fit out) we proposed a test fit of reconfigurable elements where they could learn about their spatial requirements. A flexible kit of parts to balance out their requirements against their use of space.

Elements include: Tiered seating unit- for reading & lounging, reconfigurable reception desk for regular day to day, box office or additional layout/counter, wire bookcases are moveable to create rooms within rooms + to hang write on surfaces and plenty of table tops to combine and recombine for communal working, group workshops and art bench.

And can be arranged into three main layout functions: Everyday lending library/ Group workshops and presentation/performance.

Colour blocks delineate everyday spaces and form intersections when elements are rearranged into different modes.

Minimal storage is required as majority items are reusable within each function, those that are not are collapsible and can be stored flat.

Changes to existing W.C. were also proposed to accommodate disabled users.