My first furniture

Kitting out your first place is expensive! Who knows where you’ll be next year? Will you still need all this stuff? And what the #@&% are you going to do with it if you don’t?
My first furniture is a multi-functional piece designed to adapt and grow with you. Use it for everything as a starter item for your living space and create seating /sideboard or flip it to make coffee table/ low dining (plus wire mesh crates as storage/ extra seating). If you’re a bit more together, give it less functions and fill in the gaps as and when you’re ready.
Don’t spend all your money on an endless supply of deck chairs! Get one thing. Do more.
Options in R,G,B or basic black accents. The super simple design lets you mix it up - your style. Because that’s the fun bit right?
Constructed from sheet material, cut to whole sizes you’ll also be doing your small bit to reduce wastage and save the planet. YAY!

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